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Fast Start Google Hangout

All of us have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on information products. We are going to invite you to join us on a LIVE Google hangout where we are going to learn to mastermind and share our best practices on how we get through info products. You will learn:

  • How to avoid information overload so that you don't get frustrated
  • How to get maximum ROI in the shortest amount of time to recoup your investment
  • How we go through info products so you don't waste valuable time
  • How to get a client to pay for your purchase right away (so you break even from the start)
  • and many more tips, tricks, and strategies to get the most out of your investment

4 High Level Audio Trainings


  • Jimmy Harding - The Consultative Close, How he closes 6 figure consulting clients with ease
  • Fireman Mike - Crushing Social Media Case Studies, How masterminds viral Facebook posts with ease and reaches tens of thousands of people with out spending a dime (clients love this)
  • James "Jimmy" Nicholas - Interview with Glazer Kennedy Marketer of the year and his transformation secrets to life, finances, happiness, and business.
  • Diego Rodriguez - Total Dominance, learn the super smart marketing and consulting techniques Diego uses to transform businesses and make them the only one people want to do business with

4 "Advanced Strategy" Video Trainings


  • Direct Mail Toolkit - In this video James and Diego will teach you about successful direct mail strategies to get clients, and as a service for your consulting clients. Diego sends over 150,000 pieces of direct mail a month. James is an expert at using 3D mail to get HUGE returns on investment for himself and his clients. They will share with you their secrets of direct mail, and how to have a winning direct mail marketing campaign that makes money and gets clients with out having to cold call.
  • Facebook Advertising Toolkit - Jimmy Harding will teach you the absolute best Facebook advertising secrets and strategies. He has spent an entire year and over 100K on buying Facebook ads and testing. He knows how to drive huge amounts of traffic for pennies and how to make that traffic convert. In addition he will share super advanced stuff that will blow your mind and open up an entirely new world to you. (this is stuff no one teaches and our mastermind was crazy excited when he share this last week)
  • Market Position Toolkit - Diego is going to teach you how to position yourself and your business so you are the only choice to do business with. Once you learn how to do this for yourself you can do the same thing for your clients and they will happily pay you large amounts of money to do this for them. Each member of the Marketing Mafia has implemented Diego's teaching in our businesses, and the results have been amazing.
  • Video Marketing Toolkit - Fireman Mike and his company have over 3,000 videos online working for them and their clients. Mike is going to show you how the experts market with video. He will share his ECC (easy content creation) worksheet that makes video shoots a breeze. In addition he will interview his creative director and they will walk you through what it takes to win with video online. Lastly, they will discuss Youtube Marketing secrets that almost nobody knows that allows his company to serve clients at the highest level.

6 LIVE Group Calls

If you don't get our bonus there is not going to be anyone to answer your questions or hold you by the hand. With all this high level stuff you are going to have questions. We realize that you may feel overwhelmed when you get the course and our bonus. We are going to be there to help you. We are going to hold 6 live training calls to help and guide you. Here is how we can help:

  • Help With Getting Clients
  • Help With Instant Customer and the tools
  • Help with client fulfillment
  • Help with getting clients results
  • Help you with your mental roadblocks
  • Help you with strategy questions
  • basically we are there to get you unstuck and back on the path of progress!

You will get invited to 6 LIVE Group Q&A phone calls where members of the Marketing Mafia will be there to help you in your business. Basically we are becoming your consultants to help you in your business.

Top Secret Mafia Members Portal

We don't want you to miss anything we share with you. We will record all the audios, the Google Hangout, The live calls, the videos, and put it all into your secret membership portal. In addition we are all committed to over delivering and give you the tools you need to succeed. So there will be plenty of unannounced bonuses that you will get in here too. The portal will include:

  • All Bonus Videos
  • All Bonus Audios
  • Fast start Google Hangout recordings
  • Recordings of Live Q&A Calls
  • Unannounced bonuses
  • and much much more!


Proven Client Getting Strategies

If you don't know what you are doing getting clients can be difficult. We are going to help you avoid costly mistakes that we have made when it comes to getting clients. Through our our bonus program we will be teaching you how get consulting clients and how to make money! We are going to show you:

  • How to get paid what you are worth
  • How to position yourself as an expert
  • How to avoid being a slave to low paying clients
  • How to add extreme value to your clients with minimal time
  • The costly mistakes we have made and how to avoid them
  • and much much more


Real World Case Studies

In our Mafia Mastermind we talk about real success and failures we have had with our clients. You are going to get to see and experience real world case studies as part of this bonus. You will get ready to implement ideas that will make you and your clients a lot of money. In addition you will learn what not to do, so you can avoid frustration and losing money. Some of the real world case studies we will share are:

  • How we got 1 million Facebook views without spending a penny on ads.
  • How 1 Mafia member takes off almost all of December and his clients still pay him
  • The marketing strategy behind the GKIC Marketer of the Year (learn this an you can attract major attention)
  • How we use strategic retargeting to position our clients as top dogs
  • The instant credibility builder that makes our clients love us
  • plus some stuff so incredible we can't list it here (we will only share behind closed doors)

Live In Person Mafia Mastermind Experience

 We are going to let you enter our world for one of our closed door masterminds. We have NEVER let someone join our mastermind. Even though some have offered over $10,000, we have never allowed access. However we are going to give you an all access pass to our next mastermind when you invest in the Top Gun Consulting and Instant Customer Reinvention Program. Imagine being a "fly on the wall" as you hear top consultants and business builders discuss their most secretive strageties. You do not want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! Here is just a small amount of what we have planned:

  • 2 day live mastermind - You are a "fly on the wall" as we plot world domination
  • Hot Seats - Pick our brains about your business
  • Personal access to all of us during the event
  • Learn Step-By-Step Our Best Practices for Attracting and Getting New Clients
  • Learn How To Make A Fortune By Being Different and Sounding Different Than All Of Your Competitors
  • Learn PROVEN 6-Figure Sales Funnel Strategies Using The Largest Pool of Prospects On The Planet
  • Learn How To Build Your Own 100% Virtual Fulfillment and Sales Team
  • and much much more.

Each of us charge thousands of dollars to consult with us. This will be the only time you can access this brain trust to work on your business in person for free. You do not want to miss this once in a life time opportunity to be present at our next mastermind event!

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